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Jennifer Vallina is an editorial and commercial photographer. She is someone who has an eye not only for detail but for capturing moments that are often overlooked. She values discretion, as well as connects beyond the surface with her clients.

She has been taking photos since she was 10 years old and has spent over 30 years capturing the beauty of the world overlooked. She finds intricate patterns and mesmerizing detail in objects that we walk by every day without a second glance; her work brings a consciousness to the invisible, yet amazing landscape that surrounds us.

She has clients in varied industries from private clients, to wellness centers, government agencies and associations. 

Clients include: CuriosityStream, Children’s Law Center, TIAA, FIA, CFTC, Third Space Wellness, Accessibility Partners, Stitch & Rivet, MelEdits, Four Corners Wellbeing, Dr. Daisy Miller, Main Street Takoma, Takoma Voice, Kevin Harris Candidate for Council of Montgomery County, Maryland, Dana Marlowe, and more.

She is a member of the American Photographic Artists of DC, the American Society of Media Photographers DC, the Washington Project for the Arts, WPOW and Clickin’ Moms.

She is available for commissions and freelance.

Contact her for more information: